Unlimited Private Document Storage.

Keep all your private and important documents in one safe place, accessible 24 hours a day.
Never lose or misplace your critical information again! Download copies at any time.
Passports, Mortgage Deeds, Insurance Policies, Love letters! Anything important to you.


Keep Docs Safe

  • Secure Login
  • Encrypted Cloud Storage
  • 24 hour access
  • Reliable SSD Servers

Keep Docs Organised

  • Folder Hierachy
  • 24 hour accessibilty
  • Manage updates
  • Renewal management

Keep Docs Up-to-date

  • Renewal reminders
  • Email Notifications
  • Document Archiving
  • Version control

keep organised

Ever found yourself wondering where you filed your Mortgage deed? Ever needed to quote your passport number, but not sure which drawer you filed it in? Ever had that notice from the insurance company that your policy just ran out?

Wouldn’t it be great to know that everything you ever needed to get hold of in the chaos of life was reliably in one place – 24/7! One secure place only you can access there at your fingertips. Your own online safety deposit box! – KEEP-BOX. The Free answer!

keep peace of mind

Never worry about losing a document ever again. Your personal life and finances are a footprint of your life. In todays hectic world, few of us have the time to keep a paper trail fully organised and up-to-date.

With all your private details stored in a single place built for purpose, it’s great to know that when you least expect to be asked a question important to you life, there’s one place you’ll always find an answer – KEEP-BOX. The Free answer!

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Store all your digital documents in your own online safety deposit box.

Simple sign up. Simple upload interface. Download anytime, anywhere – 24/7.


Keep-Box has been developed to provide a safe place to keep your important documents, for them to be readily available when you need them, for whatever reason. Keep-Box provides a simple interface for you to load and store, interrogate, and to retrieve the important information about your personal affairs, financial and otherwise.


Access to all documents stored in your Keep-Box is readily available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from wherever in the world you are. A user friendly interface allows speedy recovery of your documents that will allow you to either view online or download direct to your device, be it laptop, tablet or mobile.


Keep-Box runs on state-of-the-art SSD Cloud servers. With our 24/7 managed server customer support, we actively monitor your server and our network around the clock to ensure that you are always up and running, and your Keep-Box is always available to you. Our full server specifications are available upon request to all members.

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